Since 1966, the CCC-CANOE team has been developing and building its know-how and has being engaged in the process of designing better performing equipment in partnership with other professionals to improve the quality of the services it provides year on year.

We are committed to respecting the environment. This includes rationalising the use of transport, sorting waste, recycling materials and organising cleaning along the riverbanks.
In order to maintain our mark of quality, we have turned our attention to different labels and organisations :

In 2019, we were the first canoeing company in Ardèche to be awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ mark. This is the only state mark attributed to tourism professionals for the quality of their services and offerings.

Being awarded the “Valeurs Parc” mark is a recognition of our continuing commitment:

A selective specification is based on: the quality of the welcome, transports links to the location, the promotion of local produce, integration into the landscape and environmental preservation…

Membership of the national “Canoë France” association, independent structures located in France’s most beautiful rivers.

All united by the same passion, the members work together with a common approach to continually develop the standard of their offerings in keeping with the expectations of our clients and evolving techniques.

Choosing a “Canoë France” is a meaningful guarantee of quality for those looking for leisure activities of the highest calibre.

Emerveillés par l'Ardèche

Emerveillés par l’Ardèche is a network based on a common desire to share out passion for the Ardèche region and help you discover the dynamism of our natural and cultural land.


We are members of the National Professional Federation of Canoe and Kayak Hirers.