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As in many parts of France, in the Ardèche in order to be able to rent a boat and navigate a waterway, you must be able to swim at least 25 meters, be able to go under water and be at least 7 years old. If this is not the case, a guide can accompany you.

Yes, if they are at least 7 years old and can swim. However, our boats only have 3 seats. If you have several children, contact us for advice.

From April to September : :
Temperatures in the Ardèche are mild and the length of the route rarely requires the use of specialized equipment which we can provide if reserved in advance.
In general, synthethic clothing and a wind jacket are sufficient for staying warm and are more comfortable than a wetsuit.
Water shoes or shoes without shoelaces.
Summer :
The Ardèche sun is generous. All the suncremes in the world can’t replace a T-shirt and a cap. The fairer your skin, the more important it is to protect it.
In particular, take care of your children: their skin is fragile and then tend to forget to protect themselves.
In all cases, a towel, shoes which attach well to your feet and bottles of water are the minimum to bring with you.
Water shoes or shoes without shoelaces.

Yes, especially because the canoe provides the only access to the adventurous picnicker to the gorges.It’s up to you to find your own little corner of paradise for your picnic or swim.

Upstream, a number of hydroelectric dams have been built on the Chassezac.
The presence of the dams regulates the water flow. This doesn’t mean that this river doesn’t occasionally have some of the most spectacular floods in the Ardèche, but they are moderated by the dams.
It takes many days of rain to create a flood – no panic!
Summer. The Chassezac is regulated in July and August. Navigation is pleasant with a sufficient water level (2 m3 / sec) to pass all the rapids and the water quality remains good for swimming.
In the spring and autumn, priority is given to producing electricity. The water flow can vary between 1,5 m3/sec (weekends – no production) and 9 to 27m3/sec depending on production. There is no fixed schedule – contact us

There are three seats in the boat. The dog is welcome if he’s not afraid of the water, if he’s kept on a leash while at our base and at other sites along the river where there are other people.

Yes, if you have a fishing card which you can purchase in Les Vans.

We can offer you different sizes of waterproof barrels (25 et 50 liters).Our boats are all equipped with a special place and slings to attach these barrels.

It’s an advantage which allows you to improve your canoeing skills but most importantly to travel with non-swimmers and your children aged 5 and older.
The guides we work with are passionate about their work and keen to share their knowledge with you of canoeing and the natural environment.naturel.

You can leave your vehicle at our base, where someone is present non-stop from 8.00 to 21.00. The shady places are reserved for those who arrive first!
Private parking with a charging station for electric car and bike.

This canoe is equipped with back rests allowing you to sit comfortably and have your back well supported.