Photos and videos of the Compagie de Canoë du Chassezac

On this page, you will find fascinating photos of canoe adventures on the Chassezac, a river at the heart of the Païolive woods.

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The Chassezac Gorges are a remarkable natural site in the south of France, in the département of the Ardèche. The gorges were formed by the Chassezac river, which flows though the centre of the Cévennes National Park.

The gorges offer spectacular scenery with sheer, limestone cliffs, caves, natural basins and a lush, Mediterranean vegetation. It is a popular location for open air activities, such as canoeing/kayaking, hiking, climbing and swimming.

The Chassezac Gorges are also known for their ecological richness, providing a shelter for flora and fauna, and protected species in particular. Visitors flock here year after year to marvel at the natural beauty and tranquillity of this pristine environment.