The Chassezac: 5 upstream hydroelectrical dams

There is a regulated and sustained (fed) flow of water, guaranteeing enough water for the river to function well ecologically.

During the summer, the Chassezac is regulated during the months of July and August, with a flow of around 2m³/sec to allow for portable water capture and agricultural irrigation.

This is a pleasant level of flow for being on a boat and passing through the small rapids without having to disembark. The flow makes in possible to keep water quality high enough for bathing.

Even during periods of drought, the water continues to flow into the gorges, making navigation possible in good conditions.

During the spring and the autumn, the priority is electricity production. The flow can vary between 1.5m³/sec (no productivity) and 9 to 27m³/sec, with production. Please contact us for queries regarding the best conditions.

Mainly during the autumn equinox, the floods can be some of the most spectacular in Europe caused by events in the Cévennes.

Fear not, torrential but foreseeable rains are necessary for the arrival of the floods! Their arrival is foreseen by surveillance at the dams.

Lives updates regarding water levels and quality

There are several sites where you can check on water quality and levels:

Choose: Flood observation

You can consult water levels in real time, though you are still welcome to contact us!

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